Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My book review at the 9Marks website

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve 9Marks Ministry by doing a book review. You can read my review of a 19th century Baptist pastor's book on ecclesiology (doctrine of the church) over at the 9Marks website by clicking here

I loved this quote from the book
The Christian faith "was not designed for concealment. From its very nature, it cannot be hid. It inclines every one who possesses it, [sic] to do good to all mankind, and to make known the gospel by which all mankind are to be blessed” (121).  
9Marks is an incredibly important ministry. Consider donating a few bucks to help them serve local churches with their materials and conferences. Here's the link to the donation page.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stott on "Advocate" in 1 John 2

John Stott writes helpfully as always,

If we have an advocate in heaven, Christ has an advocate on earth. The Holy Spirit is Christ's Paraclete, as the Lord Jesus is ours. But whereas the Holy Spirit pleads Christ's cause before a hostile world, Christ pleads our cause against our 'accuser' (Rev. 3:10) and with the Father, who loves and forgives his children.

p 81 of his commentary on John's Letters