Saturday, March 27, 2010

Frame Fans

There are lots of fans of John Frame out there. I know some who've had the privilege to study with him, and they speak very highly of his life and doctrine.

He and NT scholar Vern Poythress (that's a fun name to say out loud; go ahead and try it!) have a joint website with tons of their articles on all kinds of topics.

I aspire to read Frame's book on Christian ethics in the near future, but life is a bit busy at the moment. We'll see...I read his The Doctrine of God for a class, and it is simply outstanding. Like amazingly outstanding.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running the Race

In a sermon on James 5:1-11 recently, Tom Schreiner gave this helpful word about running the race of faith, commenting on verse 7:
Don't confuse perfection with perseverance
In other words, running the race of the Christian life requires us to persevere in the faith, and not grow weary. But it is not a race of perfection. So when we see ourselves fail in the race, we do not grow weary, rather we entrust ourselves to the Father's care. He will ultimately carry us through to the end.