Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meditation on God's Judgment

Paul Tripp recently posted a poem where he meditates on God's judgment of sin and unrighteousness. It's a reflection particularly on Psalm 73. Here's how it starts:
To transgressing of your boundaries
You will put an end.
To human thoughts of autonomy
You will put an end.
To delusions of self-sufficiency
You will put an end.
Grace forbids these going on forever.
This is the basic structure, and it concludes like this:
Grace has drawn me near to you.
Grace has paid for my unfaithfulness.
Grace has made me clean in Your eyes.
Grace put my stripes on Jesus
so I would not face them
when you put what is now
to an end.

Great stuff to help us remember the gospel in the face of our sins.